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This thread is intended for folks to pass on little jewels of wisdom to others about what NOT to do when wrenching and modifying their Tigers.

Don't be bashful... we've all dropped nuts into intakes, poured three liters of expensive synthetic oil into an engine with no drain plug, and ridden across town after a tire change to discover the axle only hand-tight.

Here's one at Bixxer Bob's suggestion, regarding stuck throttles...,5792

Mmmmmmmm.  Nice post Stretch.  :eusa_clap

Bixxer Bob:
Nice when an idea catches on!!!!  :wink:

Tiger Trax posted a message for Steamer owners on the same throttle-jamming subject further down the same post.

I'll be your Huckelberry...

 While adjusting shift lever, (new boots) might as well adjust the brake too,  while things are at hand. Loosen the mounting plate for the brake assembly to alter the linkage. Can't quite reach and work the jam nut. No problemo, just a few more turns and the screw is out. Second one Dooht! Do Not Remove while the bike is on the center stand.....

Bixxer Bob:
And here's another...

Those that spanner for a living know to remove rings, watches etc before they start.  Those that don't should consider it a good idea - at best it'll stop you scratching your precious paint at some point, at worst it'll save you from an accident.

Where it gets tricky is where "you're only going to do this five-minute job" and don't bother.

Today I discovered how a long screwdriver, lack of attention, lack of preparation (ie not removing my metal strap watch) led to a heart-stopping display of sparks when I was disconnecting my battery.  It could have been worse, for example if there'd been fuel or solvents around, but I DO know better.  It shouldn't have happened.  :oops:

No matter how small the job, take the time to think it through and be safe folks  :wink:


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