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engine swap... what to do with OEM wiring

Started by coachgeo, April 19, 2009, 11:55:32 PM

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ok, will in due time be swapping out Tiger 855 for a diesel engine and harley tranny.

So for those willing to add your .02

. what wiring will not be used; coil etc. for sure, but are there any other sensors and switches?  

. any data on the OEM oil and temp switches that could aid in matching this conversion to oem gadges?  

. any tach suggestions

. what should we disconnect anyway? (stand switch, neutral switch?)

. what should we update while we are at it?

open to suggestions/warnings on elecrical snags we may run into.

Thanx in advance
COACH POSER (Till Tribota Tiger's done & I'm riding it)


I'm interested in finding out how you are going to do the tach.  The OEM tach counts ignition pulses from the #1 coil or ignitor, IIRC.  
A monopole driven indicator or something similar will probably be required for the tach.

The fan switch is on the radiator, keep it.  The temerature thermistor that runs the temp gage threads into the head and I imagine this will be easy to adapt.  Oil pressure switch threads into the case, so again, no real issue there unless you plan to run a higher or lower switch trip setting then just buy a different switch.  It's all common automotive stuff.
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COACH POSER (Till Tribota Tiger's done & I'm riding it)