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Radiator guard.

Started by Anonymous, June 08, 2011, 01:49:02 PM

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Could someone with a silver frame model please look to see if you have a radiator guard already in place?
I bought an R&G guard (£65) and when I offered it up to the radiator it wouldn't get near because my graphite framed model does already have what looks like a plastic guard with a honey comb look to the pattern.
Just wondering if I've wasted my money and if it might be an addition on the 2012 models now coming out of the factory.
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My silver frame XC has the honeycomb guard. Not sure how good it is - guess one could throw a 60 mph rock at it and see ?  I'm going to beta test it next week in E Oregon desert country - let you know. I'm not yet convinced you wasted your money.


Although I have one of those graphite frames, I noticed that the standard rad. guard is honeycombed - like the OEM accessory aluminium off-road guard - BUT it's plastic!

Their appearance is exactly the same - only that the stock is plastic while the OEM accessory is aluminium.
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Good to know! The Rad guard, be it plastic or aluminum, appears to be snugged right up against radiator fins. Not sure how much protection either would afford for large stones. My Girly has Touratech Rad & oil cooler guards - they stand off about 1/4 - 1/2 inch (6-12mm) from fin surface. But gotta watch for rocks getting caught between. No perfect solution here. For now, I'm leaving in plastic guard and hope for the best. See what 'after market' comes up with. Triumph has done a marginal job of farkle availability. Still waiting for factory heated grips after 2 mos. Good thing its almost summer.


The XC has a plastic guard as standard.  The 800 has none as standard.
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I think I'll probably fit the R&G one in place of the standard one. I've got to take it all to bits soon anyway to get at the heated grips connector under the tank.
2013 800XC 33000 miles & counting.