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Steamers (1993-1998 Tigers) / Re: Chain Slider Block
Last post by fishnbiker - Today at 06:11:09 AM
Quote from: Beernard on November 13, 2022, 06:24:31 AMHi Bill. Here's a couple of pix. I was happy to find that the bracket has nice holes pre-drilled!

All the best.


I did something similar for the bottom side of the swing arm to keep the chain off the metal after a badly stretched chain incident wore a gouges into the bearings surround. Nylon block carved with a spindle & belt sander. These photos show some 40,000km of gravel road lack of wear. You cannot see attachments on this board.
Steamers (1993-1998 Tigers) / Re: Carb Tuning by CO Gas Anal...
Last post by Sin_Tiger - November 29, 2022, 01:17:15 AM
Good share  :occasion14 , the differential vacuum adjustment makes sense, I'll give that a try next time and I agree about the mercury gauge resolution.
Steamers (1993-1998 Tigers) / Re: Carb Tuning by CO Gas Anal...
Last post by nightrunner - November 28, 2022, 10:20:26 AM
I have not checked in on this forum in many years and I log on tonight to find this. Very cool. I'm surprised and impressed to read that someone else out there went to the this trouble. I did as well. I work in a research lab so am able to borrow a CO analyzer. I decided to check CO levels before rejetting and balancing. I made an adapter fitting to attach a long stainless tube to the sampling ports on the Tiger's pipes. I was shocked to find that all three cylinders were running at about 0.1% CO. No freakin' wonder my bike was so hard to start! The manual says something like 1 - 2.5% or something like that. So I pulled the carbs, cleaned them, and installed the larger main and pilot jest and shimmed the needles. I also rigged up a differential U-tube manometer using clear vinyl tubing and water. [And yes I had a reservoir to make sure no water got sucked into the carbs.] Now here's the secret. Most mechanics will use those mercury carb sticks (or worse, the vacuum gauges) where you measure the total vacuum on all three carbs simultaneously. The problem is you don't have much resolution comparing the mercury levels side by side. I measured differential vacuum between two carbs. The absolute vacuum is not something you need to know in balancing carbs, just that they are pulling the same vacuum. So my gadget gets connected to the reference carb and one of the others (a slave carb). The water in the U-tube gets pulled one way or the other. You adjust the slave carb until the levels in the U-tube are the same. That means both carbs are now pulling the same vacuum. Then repeat for the other slave carb. It even works for a pre-FI Goldwing with six carbs.

Once they were balanced, I connected the CO meter. The stainless tube was to cool the hot gas before it reached the analyzer. Then it was simple enough to adjust the mixture screw on each carb to get 1% CO. I went for 1%. Maybe it was 1.5.  This was like 15 years ago. Anyway after the rejet and tune, she starts easy and purrs like a big kitty. No flat spots in the RPM range.

Anyway, that was a nice write-up. Glad it worked out for you as well as it did for me.
Steamers (1993-1998 Tigers) / Re: Chain Slider Block
Last post by London_Phil - November 28, 2022, 09:55:59 AM
I wish we had a McMaster Carr in the UK. Went to the States for some training, and they used them for hardware. They had the catalogue, it had everything..
Steamers (1993-1998 Tigers) / Re: Chain Slider Block
Last post by nightrunner - November 28, 2022, 09:36:05 AM
That is a nice upgrade in the pics. If you have access to an industrial supply vendor, you could get a block of teflon and make it out of that. Here in the states a firm called McMaster Carr is great for weird stuff like that.

BTW, the stock piece will also fall apart over time if you don't wear it out from riding. I have a pristine 98 "on display" in my garage. One day I saw this greasy chunk of rubber under the bike. The rubber had just gotten soft and fell off. So there's some extra incentive to build a better one.
Steamers (1993-1998 Tigers) / Re: '98 CVK Carb settings
Last post by nightrunner - November 28, 2022, 09:25:10 AM
Did you get it sorted? I have a 98 with the Keihins plus larger jets ans him under needle. If you didn't have spark to one cylinder you would know it. It would run very rough and not even idle. The center pipe being cold would not be the most obvious problem. A quick test is to run it with and without the center plug cable connected. If there is no difference then you are dragging a cylinder.

Pretty much the same deal if you had the primary jet passage plugged and not getting fuel to one cylinder. From idle up to maybe 1/4 throttle, its running off the primary jet. But you said only that the center pipe is not getting as hot. Cool(er) exhaust gases mean its running very rich. And you did say that center screw is farther out than the other two.  Or are you saying the center pipe actually remains cool to the touch?

When you changed airbox and jetting, did you have the carbs, 1) balanced for air flow, and 2) set the mixture using a CO analyzer? [Or take to a shop that has a CO analyzer.]
General Discussions / Re: Nearly...
Last post by Lee337 - November 26, 2022, 04:56:06 PM
Had a look at a 1200 TEX today. They're BIG & HEAVY.

Think I'll stick to looking at 800xc. Just got to find one with full service history, luggage & preferably black  all within my budget.

Just as well I have time on my side  :icon_mrgreen:
General Discussions / Re: Nearly...
Last post by Madruss - November 25, 2022, 09:59:23 PM
Quote from: Lee337 on November 23, 2022, 06:56:03 PMI just wasn't prepared to pay what they wanted given the lack of history & they wouldn't budge on the price.

These days, everything is negotiable if you want a sale.
Tiger 1200's (2011 - Now Tigers) / Re: Smaller lighter stock muff...
Last post by Sin_Tiger - November 24, 2022, 10:46:13 PM
The Arrow factory can is a good choice if you can find a used one, I realise your options might be a bit more limited in the US and state legislation might be an issue.
Tiger 1200's (2011 - Now Tigers) / Smaller lighter stock muffler ...
Last post by DBM - November 24, 2022, 12:49:16 PM
I'm looking for a smaller/lighter stock take off muffler from a GT street Tiger or similar model that will bolt on my 2014 TEX. Anyone know what will fit?