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Girly Talk (1999 - 2006 Tigers) / Not starting solution
Last post by BeerBarty - Today at 12:10:34 AM
A bit of of an odd one, bought the bike 2001 955 about 3 month ago I've been slowly working through checking service checks oil, forks etc. Been out for a ride, thought the wheels etc were looking very grubby so stopped to give a gentle pressure wash. Came to leave garage forecourt and engine died like fuel starvation had to borrow trailer to recover.
Came to this forum which I must admit has an amazing amount of help and advice, so thanks to all. Tried all the obvious ones water in electrics, faulty earths etc. I even picked up on the drain tube from the fuel tank filler and yes it was blocked this has now been sorted.
I had noted in the few times I fueled the big there was a bit of water that got into the tank but considered it not enough to worry about.(What I should have considered was how long this had been going on!)
As previously mentioned when the bike stopped it felt like loss of fuel, so I decided to siphon drain the tank. I removed about 10 liters of FLUID, this was definitely NOT all fuel as there were 2 VERY distinct layers in the container water and fuel.
Out of curiosity I then siphoned of most of the water at the bottom of the container app 2 liters.
This leaves me with a question, considering where the fuel pump and filter is located and the volume of water how had it been working at all.
Good news is clean tank and filter with fresh fuel I now have my bike working happy again, and looking forward to many more miles.
Girly Talk (1999 - 2006 Tigers) / Re: Throttle bodies vacuum tub...
Last post by wyaTT37 - February 29, 2024, 09:58:30 PM
Quote from: tigergotcha on July 23, 2023, 09:11:32 AMA good replacement for the OEM tubes(with rubber boots always cracking) are silicon tubes 6mm ID, 3mm wall thickness. If you want to keep the corrugated ones you can use pieces of the same silicone tube to just replace boots (it's a tight fit, perfectly working).You cannot see attachments on this board.You cannot see attachments on this board.You cannot see attachments on this board.   
Girly Talk (1999 - 2006 Tigers) / Re: 955 Skid Plate Plans
Last post by wyaTT37 - February 29, 2024, 09:53:49 PM
Hope this helps
Girly Talk (1999 - 2006 Tigers) / Re: 955 Skid Plate Plans
Last post by wyaTT37 - February 29, 2024, 09:37:45 PM
I definitely have them. Metric or SAE? I have both.
ECU and Fuel Injection / Re: Poor idle on 885i Girly
Last post by the slow heart - February 28, 2024, 10:18:29 PM
The lambda sensor arrived.
Other Triples / Re: 2008 Street Triple R
Last post by Lee337 - February 28, 2024, 11:29:44 AM
When looking to replace the heated grips on Tallulah, I opted for R&G grips. The control is not as clunky as the Oxford one & I believe the grips themselves are a little thinner. Having said that, one of the grips has recently failed after 6 years.

Not heard of Enduristan before so had a quick look at their website. They seem to have a good range of products, although a little expensive for my taste.  I had a set of soft luggage on my Aprilia, which I also used with the Blackbird, which were good for the odd weekend away. I still have a tail pack, which is probably on a par for space as the topbox on the XC, which again is an Oxford one (bearing in mind cash, or lack of it was a deciding factor when I bought it). Used it a few times but has sat in a cupboard for the past 4-5 years as I have hard luggage. To be fair, at a fraction of the weight, the only thing that stops me using it is security, having to either take it off when not with the bike, or just use it for dirty laundry.

Can't help with the suspension I'm afraid, while I weigh around 88kg, the Tiger suspension handles it OK although with the weight of my & luggage, the rear shock is set a couple of clicks off max. I upped the oil weight in the forks on the Trophy and replaced the rear shock which the Co I bought it from claim to have set specifically for the bike & weight of the rider. They asked me how heavy I was & if i rode solo when ordering the new shock.

I know there are probably settings for static sag, rebound etc, but that's a dark art, much like setting up carbs to me (or Daytona electricals). I'm sure there must be YouTubers who have done set up stuff, but I guess going to a specialist would do the job properly to your weight, riding style & usage.
Other Triples / 2008 Street Triple R
Last post by ghulst - February 27, 2024, 11:11:06 PM

I feel that this bike deserves its own topic. ;) So, I bought myself an '08 Street Triple R. Now that I have it, the question is, where do I take it? I have already bought a gel saddle, as this one did not treat my bum that well on the 200km ride back home.

  • I think I want to find some crash pads/frame sliders. Any suggestions?
  • I have a GIVI rack on the back that the previous owner fitted. Any suggestions for bags to bring things for a trip of a couple of days? (I am considering a set of Enduristan soft bags...)
  • I have seen sets to fit a quick shifter. That might be interesting.
  • I am not the lightest of humans, and as the R has adjustable suspension, I would like to set that up correctly to fit me. So, I either need to figure out a way to do that, or book it in with a specialist.
  • I would like to have heated grips, so I need to find out whether there are there original Triumph heated grips and whether I can find some of those. (I have a set of new Oxford heated grips lying around, but I would like to have something more subtle on the handlebars than the massive Oxford operating panel. Also, I have seen suggestions to replace the two cans with one lower exhaust to save 15kg. But I would like something that is pretty quiet as I have neighbours that I would like to stay friends with. ;) 

Any and all suggestions are welcome.
Tiger 1200's (2011 - Now Tigers) / Re: The reveal: the new Tiger ...
Last post by ghulst - February 26, 2024, 03:45:40 PM
Here BMW Netherlands has you pay 33% up front, then finance 33% and then pay 33% at the end. The 33% that's financed goes at a very low percentage. During covid BMW Bank did it at 1%, at the moment it sits at 4.8% where all other motorcycle financing at other banks is currently at 9 or 10%. That pulls in a lot of customers. Especially business customers. And BMW NL makes as much money with BMW Bank as it does selling bikes. ;) If Triumph would be doing that, they might become more equal in sales as well. ;)
Steamers (1993-1998 Tigers) / Re: 885 Balance Shaft Crinkle ...
Last post by fishnbiker - February 26, 2024, 08:20:42 AM
Quote from: London_Phil on February 23, 2024, 10:08:27 AMAvailable in US, but NLA from Triumph

Thanks for the hint, but that is only the circlip. It's the crinkle/wave washer I need. It cuts down on noise from the balance end play. I may talk with a machinist friend once his winter suntanning is done.
Girly Talk (1999 - 2006 Tigers) / Re: Dealer Tool or Tune ECU
Last post by owlmike - February 25, 2024, 06:21:38 PM
Quote from: owlmike on February 25, 2024, 06:14:33 PMWell the very nice chap at Universal-Diagnostics sent me another cable and an older TuneECU software CD and voila its connected.
It showed a few errors in the Tiger, following a YouTube tutorial i just cleared the codes and then went to start the bike to see if any codes came back but the feckin battery is flat again,
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No Idea why the photos are doubling up, weird[attach id=19227] .....