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london ulez zone.

Started by Bostedsprocket, October 16, 2019, 07:28:37 PM

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Dont worry wont be wearing a Polite vest any time soon😀

Taken me a while to get there but seem to have got a pretty good deal in the end. Paid £7,950 for basically a brand new bike with loads of extras. Hopefully there wont turn out to be any hidden issues.,
Did first commute On her yesterday and she is perfect for that.
Have just got the Triumph rack plate and Givi adaptor for the Explorer so I can get my old top box on as panniers are no good for London.
And back to the original topic, I am now ULEZ compliant😀
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Looks well nice, actually like it in white. Hidden issues?  Very much doubt that
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Chris Canning

When folks walk into my garage with 6 bikes the first question is always the same if I could only keep one which would it be and it's very easy to answer my 955 what you have bought is the end game of such and I know Tim's went very well.

I'm certainly in no rush for another bike but hope what Triumph are learning from Moto2 we will see a big bore version of the 765 in the future and in a Tiger/Multistrada guise count me in.


I wasn't sure about the white but when I went to see the bike loved it. The photos don't do it justice.

Chris I am like you and would have run my 955 forever if I could have, it did everything I wanted and was pretty reliable. I wont be saying goodbye to 955s either as I am keeping my first orange one, have a replacement engine in the garage so it will be a bit of a project for me when I ever have time!.

Have done a couple of hundred miles on the Sport now and it already feels like another long termer to me but will also be watching with interest what Triumph come out with next.

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So two weeks in and have put on just under a thousand miles (more than double the original owner managed in two years!), still loving the bike :icon_lol:.  Henceforth Rain Mode shall be known as Commuter Mode, it's ideal for the London commute as it takes the edge off the FBW throttle. I am getting just under 55 mpg, need to fill up at 175 miles but pretty sure I could push it to 200 if I needed to. This is really good compared to the Girly which was giving low 40's mpg.

Very quick and smooth, brakes excellent, a joy to ride. The lower centre of gravity feels good. Only changes so far are a Triumph rack with the Givi plate for the Explorer so that I can get my top box on as panniers are a no no for commuting. Easy to fit and dosent seem to affect handling.

New tyres are on the horizon (as mentioned by Tim, the OEMs are not the most confidence inspiring) as is possibly the comfort seat. The standard seat is not the most comfortable, absolutely fine for 1 or 2 hour rides but I can see it being hard work for longer. I will however give it a while longer to see if it a. softens up or b. I just get used to it before I spend any cash.

Only other investment is likely to be a new satnav, I use my phone quite a bit and its ok in a ram mount but I would quite like a purpose built one for touring with the phone as a back up. Considering the TomTom 550 as a change from my usual Garmins.

PS I know this is probably the wrong place for this post but couldn't be bothered to start another thread!
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Chris Canning

For what you needed a bike for nothing better,just hope I don't have to wait too many years for Triumph to produce what I want.