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Picos De Europa 2023

Started by TigerKing, July 24, 2022, 08:00:12 AM

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Hi All,
Although there's much riding still to do this year I'm beginning to have one eye on next year as well.

I've always heard great things about the Picos mountains so am thinking seriously about making it happen.

I'm thinking probably need a minimum of a week including the day each end of that for the travel and ferry, so 4-5 days riding in the region and sometime in Q2 (2023) i.e. either April, May or June.

If anyone fancies this also please let me know, or if anyone has already done it and can offer some tips and advice please let me know that as well.

Life is short !


Currently looking at viability for this. Need to look at costs and dates etc, but interested non the less.


Hi Phil,
I haven't done much research yet but a quick review for sample dates April 16-24 of the ferry availability and costs broadly reveals :
- Return tickets seem to cost the same whether you go for 2 days, 5 days or 10.
- Two UK ports service this part of Spain (Santander, Bilbao).
- Leaving from Plymouth is about £200-250 cheaper than leaving from Portsmouth.
- Plymouth crossing also shorter by about 10 hours (Plymouth 22 and Portsmouth 33).
- Depart and return to Plymouth can be as little as £250.
- Depart and return Portsmouth can be up to £500.
Obviously these are prices as of today and with everything going on in the world may very well increase as time goes on.
Although Plymouth is a longer trip depending where you live in the UK, its a big time and financial saving over Portsmouth.

As you know accommodation, fuel (beer and food:) and petrol can be a fair bit cheaper in Spain than the UK.
Again a very quick review of hotels in Picos de Europa for the night Friday April 21 brought up literally dozens of hotels between the price range of £34-100 a night.

Anyway, hope all that helps a bit (helped me anyway:)!

Life is short !


 :ear Keeping an eye/ear on this post!  :bad
All the best, Mat-tiger1. 👍
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Nick Calne

Is it really an adventure bike if its wheels never see dirt?


I stayed in Posada de Valdeon some years back (1997/8ish!) which made for a fairly central position. Although, back then you could ride a track from the LE-2703 (at the Bear statue) to Fuente De which cut out a long way round. Closed to traffic now.
The only track open to traffic these days runs from Espinama to Sotres. I'm glad I rode all of them back then.
2013 800XC 33000 miles & counting.


So Gents, I'm currently thinking this:

The Ferry Portsmouth to Santander is 33 hrs but it lands you right on the doorstep.

Or, could escalate this adventure to another level by taking the 45 minute Eurotunnel to Calais and spending a day, two or three as part of the overall adventure and winding through France to the Picos.

Doing the same but a different route back home and whilst doing sufficient justice to the roads and experiences of the Picos could just be squeezed in to a 2 week trip.

Unless you had more time and then the game changes again.

I'm leaning toward the option of more riding and less sailing to be honest.

Life is short !


Quote from: London_Phil on July 25, 2022, 06:00:57 PMCurrently looking at viability for this. Need to look at costs and dates etc, but interested non the less.

Same here Tigerking, would be very nice but need to look at cost & timing.  :icon_frown:
Dates are more important for me as I have to schedule with work many months ahead. In fact I have just scheduled the ABR weekend in for next June!! :icon_eek:
All the best, Mat-tiger1. 👍
2021 Tiger 900 RP & 1982 Yamaha XT550 (For old times sake) Bike history:- 2018 Tiger 800 XCA Korosi Red. 2015 Tiger 800 XCX Caspian Blue, 2005 Tiger 955i Lucifer Orange.


I hope everyone has had a great festive season so far.

Well Picos planning has progressed a little during this time and I now have a straw man draught plan to share.
I would say that everything is still flexible and open for discussion and change depending.

Fitting a ride from Calais down to Picos and back again in 2x weeks doesn't leave much time, though some days are longer rides I've tried to ensure there is time available to enjoy the new destination each day. 
The routes will avoid motorways and will take us through the quiet twisty countryside, towns and villages but this obviously makes for longer rides, though they will therefore be enjoyable rides.
Also, if the number of days taken must be within 2 weeks there is flexibility to combine the last two days and also maybe alter some routes accordingly.

Lastly, an initial look shows there is apparently at least one very interesting motor museum in Le Mans worth a visit, wine tasting experiences to be enjoyed in Bordeaux and or Logrono and the longest single span cable car in Europe in Fuente De thats worth a go.

So please see below the first pass proposal itinerary straw man:

Day 1 - Calais Eurotunnel Terminal -to- Le Mans = 300 miles
Day 2 - Le Mans -to- Niort = 150 miles
Day 3 - Niort -to- Bordeaux = 225 miles
Day 4 - Bordeaux -to- Eugi = 175 miles
Day 5 - Eugi -to- Cervera de Pisuerga = 245 miles
Day 6 - Cervera de Pisuerga -to- Fuente De = 100 miles
Day 7 - Fuente De -to- Cangas de Onis = 160 miles
Day 8 - Cangas de Onis -to- Covanera = 230 miles
Day 9 - Covanera -to- Logrono = 100 miles
Day 10 - Logrono -to- St Jean Pied de Port = 130 miles
Day 11 - St Jean Pied de Port -to- Cognac 235 miles
Day 12 - Cognac -to- Blois = 190 miles
Day 13 - Blois -to- Rouen = 170 miles
Day 14 - Rouen -to- Boulogne Sue Mer = 130 miles
Day 15 - (can be combined with day 14) Boulogne Sur Mer -to- Calais Eurotunnel Terminal = 22 miles

Hopefully food for some thoughts ?
Life is short !


Actually, just looking back on BlackTiger's comment, there is a nearly 60 mile ride (possibly track) through 8 or 9 very small hamlet type places and cutting North to South right through the mountains.  I will try and map this in, thanks BT. 
Any other top tips for good routes or places not to miss, please let me know.

Cheers for now.
Life is short !

John Stenhouse

Just to put the cat amongst the pigeons.....anyone else seen this?

I live nearby some of the year, and some of the tracks i know and are fantastic.

could be run from the other end so San Sebastian down,
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Norton 961S never got it, tired of waiting

Nick Calne

The time required probably rules me out of the whole trip.  If I can fit it into a really busy year, I will ride down to Bordeaux with you.
Is it really an adventure bike if its wheels never see dirt?


Thanks for that info John, and I'd say that's a pretty big cat, maybe even a Tiger in amongst the pigeons.

What a trip that would be but it obviously warrants a trip of its own, and one you'd probably need to make with at least one or two other bikes.
I think this is one for the wider off-road riding enthusiasts on the forum to think about as a possible for the a future trip.

Thanks for suggesting this route though, I'd definitely like to try something like that.
Life is short !


Hey Nick, 

That's great. 

I'm thinking middle of May so there's a few weeks break before ABR and leaves rest of the year open for other adventure, maybe :)
Life is short !


Misses birthday around Mid May, so will be royally unpopular  if I went then....