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Larger 170/60-17 on rear ? 2014 TEX

Started by DBM, December 31, 2022, 01:33:36 PM

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I got a puncture in my nearly new rear tire yesterday. Luckily, my tire pressure monitor app let me know before leaving the garage this morning. I am considering having the tire repaired with a inside patch, but finding a qualified shop willing to do this is difficult even with the wheel removed. My question is about going one size bigger with a new 170/60-17. Has anyone run this size rear tire on a Gen 1 Explorer XC ABS with the spoked wheels? The stock size is 150/70-17 which is 4 inches wide. The 170/60-17 has the same outer diameter (one tenth of an inch smaller) but slightly wider (one half inch) 4 1/2". Can I fit the larger tire without any problems?
2014 TEX Mean Green