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Girly 'Battlecat' rescued from the breakers!

Started by thelonious, March 24, 2023, 05:45:27 AM

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This poor 955i was in a shocking state when I got it from a guy in my bike club for a few quid. Look at it now!

Work done includes valves re-shimmed, replacement clutch, replacement exhaust system, replacement shock (NOS 885i shock with 955i spring and custom mount), bike lowered and both stands altered, front wheel blasted and powdercoated, all bearings replaced, brakes completely overhauled, lots of stripping and painting, electrical mods, tyres, full service... All DIY except the powdercoating.


Some 'before and after' pictures showing how bad it was...


You've done a mountain of work, a credit to you.
Not many out there these days have the patience nor skill to take on a "restoration"  :thumbsup
Regards Russ
An ounce of luck is worth a ton of experience !


That's some fine work there  well done in jeering the tigger on the road.

(Edit: not sure where 'jeering' came from, was meant to be 'getting'. Think auto-correct was playing that day)
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Nick Calne

Is it really an adventure bike if its wheels never see dirt?


Clean  :thumbsup  almost weather to enjoy your hard work  :wheel
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Great to see the effort you put in. Now it is time for the miles! ;)
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