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Cafe Racer Kit - Experiences?

Started by Aeschere, March 25, 2024, 03:33:08 PM

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Hello all,

Lately, I have been looking at other, younger bikes...I know, I know...don't judge me :(

I am very charmed by the Bonneville T120 Black and I especially like the rugged looked that some of the owners have given them. I have also been looking at the Scrambler 1200 (version to be determined) and I like the looks of that as well.
But then I can across a company called Cafe Racer Kit who apparently, have a T400 kit to turn the trusty Tiger into a scrambler: Scrambler Kit

A kit like that is a lot cheaper then getting a Scrambler and might achieve the same result. It still doesn't turn me away from the Bonneville but it might enlongate the relationship between me and the Tiger a bit.

Do you have any experiences with these type of kits? Are they worth it (how subjectively that might be)? Are there perhaps other choices that can be made to achieve the same result?


No experience, but it does look interesting. I would prefer a single headlight instead of a double, but that is a personal preference. What I do like is that you will retain the agility of the handling of the steamer vs the slower responses that the scrambler gives you. I test rode one a couple of weeks ago and that was the part that let it down a bit for me...

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I definitely need to get some test rides in to make sure what I want to get but the current scrambler looks capable but heavy. Since my offroad riding is nearly non-existent, the scrambler is just for the looks.
The 1996 Tiger rides just fine, albeit a bit top heavy sometimes, especially with a full tank, and stripping her down might just scratch that itch.

I do agree, a single headlight would be better. I would also wrap the exhaust pipes since there is no way I can keep them that clean ;)
Painting the wheels is actually a good idea and looks pretty good. I am not to sure about the digital display though. It looks clean but, it is digital. Not something that really suits the Tiger to be honest.

Funny how these things work, just writing about it, helps to sort your thoughts. I guess, in the end, the idea is pretty good but the looks can be achieved with separate parts for, I assume, less money.

b.t.w. You are based in The Netherlands as well! Are you also a member of the TOCN? If so, will you be joining Trumpet this year? Or be in Austerlitz for the Eenhoorn meeting?
If not, why not? It's cheap, you get a nice magazine, plenty of events and you can meet some nice folks with a passion for Triumph motorcycles. They are even warming up to the idea of "newer" Hinckley models showing up :)