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Steamer HOW TO INDEX...look here for how to's

Started by Mustang, February 14, 2012, 03:22:14 AM

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click on a topic to be taken to the how to for that item............
got one you would like to see added to the list ...........send me a pm with the link to it...

Steamer Maintenance Guide checklist



           a. Here (this repair has the schematic for part breakdown)
           b. Here too!(this ones for the whole UPGRADED shaft replacement)
           c. and again here(it's a popular topic)(this one is for the alt side bolt only ,98's suffer this one )

Steamer Wiring Diagram for starter faults

Steamer Speedo how to open for repair

Steamer Original Indicators


How To - Reposition the Fuse Box / Indicator Relay by Sin_Tiger


Going TUBELESS...Seal your SPOKED Rim

Going TUBELESS...Seal your SPOKED Rim, sealant & single tape method by SSEVY

Replacing the Chain Rubbing Strip by Mustang

Manual for servicing a Showa Shock here

Neduro's Tire-Changing Class

How to replace Steering Head Bearings

Chain and Sprocket job

How To - Change the front wheel bearings = by Sin_Tiger


Cleaning Mikuni Carbs

Mikuni Overhaul by TrailrT

Mikuni Carb float orings

Mikuni float bowls o-rings replacement.

Mikuni Carb Spares in UK

Replacing / Cleaning the Air Filter

FIX spinning tank nuts

Modify your stock air box to allow air filter replacement without removing the carbs

A different variation on Airbox Modification by HARRE

How to strip your filler cap by TripodTiger


How to: Remove the water pump

How to: Rebuild Clutch Master Cylinder

Coolant Change / Flush 

Whole lot more how tos here including valve adjustments

Change your Cam Chain Tensioner CCT By Bixxer Bob
**note: this is for a *Girly* bike , but the actual changing of the cam chain tensioner is exactly the same .**

Replacing cylinder sleeves by JetdocX


Rebush the side stand bracket to reduce free play = by SSEVY

Alternative Hydraulics Bleeding method = by SSEVY