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Air box mod

Started by Chris Canning, May 08, 2005, 07:46:29 PM

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Chris Canning

A couple of years ago read an article,translated from a Dutch mag about removeing the blanking plate that is inside the airbox,tried to unscrew the two halfs and sure enough the screw picks up in the brass furrell and you can't get the dam thing in or out!!!.

Forgot all about it untill recently,when i bought a secondhand airbox of e-bay and finally got round to doing it yesterday,tank and air box is a straightforward job,getting the blanking plate out was a complete pain(Dremmeled it out) but got there in the end and had it all back together in a couple of hours.

Started the bike up,induction sounded exaclty the same but the motor certainley pickup much quicker,took the bike out for a run seemed about the same when first started of untill i got to the 80 mark where to say things came with a rush was putting it politely,bareing in mind the bike is pulling a 19 tooth engine sprocket and there was also a marked improvement with the midrange torque.

Before i'm completely happy i need to get a gas sensor stuck in the exhuast to make sure that the Lamba sensor can handel the extra air,but at the moment seems a major improvement.



Chris,  It just so happens I have my airbox out and posted a question about sealing around the idle motor.  Could you help me out?
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..sounded exactly the same?   Man, where can I get the earplugs you're using????


Did you also remove the snorkel?

Chris Canning

Blimey i was looking for this thread the other week and couldn't find it!!

Sorry Charlie i didn't reply!!,

And no i didn't remove the snorkel,thought i was asking for trouble with the possibility of water getting in.

I've some serious miles since the mod,a lot at high speed,and it's proved be an excellent mod,getting the blanking plate out and makeing sure you've all the plastic swarf out was the biggest hassle.



Thanks! The water issue is what I was concerned about because I noticed that if the snorkel was removed it left a direct opening just above the radiator for rain, bugs and smaller motorcycles :lol:


Quote from: "dougahole"Thanks! The water issue is what I was concerned about because I noticed that if the snorkel was removed it left a direct opening just above the radiator for rain, bugs and smaller motorcycles :lol:

I removed the snorkel, enlarged the hole to the size of my fist and added another hole just as large on the other side (in additon to cutting out the blanking plate like Chris described).

Never had any issues with watter, rain or bugs... at least not with the engine... I do have a distinct change in sound as the motor revs up. I want to say I have more power, but I can't be sure without a dyno run... It would be nice if I could get the EFI re-mapped to work with the modified air box. Now that would really make a difference!
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Are there any photos of this modification?
- Ix

Chris Canning

There's nothing to show!!!!! just an airbox without the blanking plate inside!!


Are you running stock tune or race tune ?


Chris Canning

Race tune with an open Remus can,but any can will do!! so long as it lets the engine breath.


Chris Canning

I've never put them on here.


I would say it is easiest to unscrew the box and pull it apart, rather than try and dremel tool a hole in the plate.  I started putting holes in the top of the plate, and it would have worked too, but it took too long to drill, and I think i remember one of our UK members saying that he binned it ( trashed ).  So mine is out.. I kept the plate, just in case..  But I really hope the snorkels keep the water out when it rains..
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Chris Canning

If you managed to get yours apart then your lucky,when the box's are made they ping the thread,I ended up with screws half out and the furrell turning in the other half,so it wouldn't come out and you couldn't screw it back in,hence why I said going the long route with a dremmel,it's a pain and messy,but it'll also mean's not having to buy another airbox!!!

Re the snorkel,I see some have taken there's off,we've ridden in too much bad weather to ever risk that,with it on everthing fine.


** A TIP from ATOKAD**

I used a 2 in wide wood chisel and after 2 hits with it and hammer horizontally and another 2 hits with it vertically, 2 above the internal venturis and 2 to the side of them, 5 minutes later after using a pair of channel locks pulling out the pieces, I was DONE!  Easy.

Credit goes to ATOKAD