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WTB - Pannier and mounts for 1998 Steamer

Started by tech141, April 27, 2016, 12:26:19 AM

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Howdy Folks!  I just picked up a 1998 Steamer and am looking for a set of side panniers and mounting bracket/frame.  I didn't realize how difficult these are to find until I paid for my Tigger.....  :icon_eek:

  I have tried my Triumph dealer, but the original Pnniers (Triumph # A2530505) are no longer available.  I see Hepco & Becker have a rack advertised, but it is kinda pricey, especially with shipping to the US.

  Are there any other manufacturers that make the rack for the Steamer?

  Yes, I have been keeping an eye on E-bay, with no joy as of yet.

Anyhoo - If anyone should know of a pannier rack that fits the '98 Steamer for sale, I would appreciate a heads up. 

  Thanks!!!!  I hope you all have an Outstanding Day!

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:ww If you do a bit of a search on the forum you will find threads related doing a "homebuild" of pannier stuff. Assuming you are partial to doing a bit of fabricating, that is.
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I believe the '98 is completely compatible to the '95 in which case I have all the hardware and the side cases for sale in the classified section under 'everything else for sale".