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95 Steamer parts for sale (from Sweden)

Started by Adamz, May 31, 2016, 08:47:23 PM

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Since my Steamer project is soon coming to an end I thought I might aswell put some stripped parts up for sale if anyone needs them since they take up alot of space in my garage! Prices are not set in stone if the right buyer comes along.
The bike was in very good condition when I disasembled it. The parts are a bit dusty but I can wipe them of. I can send more photos upon request.


Gastank and plastic panels (note the front mudguard is not included) 400 euros
Mufflers 200 Euros
Front frame including idicators 100 Euros
Top box rack 50 Euros
Air box parts (Not complete) 50 Euros
Spare indicators 50 euros
Mirrors (not original ones) 30 Euros
Headlights (no wiring included) 100 Euros
Taillight 20 Euros

If you want to buy all of it it will be cheaper ofc!

NOTE! I live in Sweden and the shippingcost might be steep if u live far far away from the motherland (buyer will pay shipment)