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Going to try to make a deal for a 13 800 xr just got some questions

Started by benebob, December 21, 2016, 12:49:09 AM

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Well the clutch is driving me crazy on the 955i and my hip isn't getting any better since the accident.  I'm planning to go up to a local dealer on Friday (they are then closed til January) to test ride and see if they are willing to deal to put a bike under my tree.  I figure it is the 4th anniversary since I got hit as well so I'll make a reasonable but pretty low offer for the bike with mine as trade and leave it in the hands of the religious idols I have on my dashboard to see where the wind blows.

The Bike is a XR.  I can live with the cast wheels.  Haven't had an issue with 'em for my trail riding plus the bike is a bit lighter then the XC.  A lot of the reviews say the suspension is cheap.  Now how cheap?  Is it worse than the 955i or just by modern standards?  For anyone with one and is in that 6 foot range how is the seat?  How is it off road compared to the 955i?  I'm not crazy about the flatness and have loved the 955i seat.  Also, any other common issues I should look at?  The bike has 25k or so on the odo and the only thing I can see that isn't "nice" is the exhaust looks pretty bad (I think a polish could improve it a bit).

Thought greatly anticipated!
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A few very early ones had gear selector issues similar to the 675 STripple, if it's OK now it shouldn't be an issue. The first 18 months of production had a lot of indicator stalks breaking, identified as a sub supplier quality issue and replaced under warranty. The first year of production got a lot of complaints about it being easy to stall while pullback away, a revised ECU map was loaded at next service, pays to ask if the latest map is loaded as they do update them from time to time.

The stock can is very quiet and weighs about 6kg if memory serves me correctly, it will scrub up OK but there's a bewildering array of aftermarket offerings that weigh 2kg or less, from £250 upwards, usually benefits from having the TOR map loaded if you go that way. Stock they can give a "tok , ting, tang" (sounds a bit like a coke can going down a garbage chute) from the exhaust on over run, TOR map all but  eliminates it.

Seats are personal, I never had an issue with it even on an 800 km day.
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Good luck with the potential purchase. Although I for one am extremely happy with my 1050 (chrome handlebars and all), the 800 has always been in the background calling my name........

Let us know what transpires.
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I made a list of positive and negatives of the 800's v the 1050.

Turns out I want (need?)  one of each....

The 1050 view from the seat was spiritualy closer to the feel of the Steamer, not sure about the 955.

Good luck