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Will the front end from an 07 fit on a 2000 Girly

Started by ebertf, September 15, 2018, 02:05:38 PM

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I have the top triple tree from an 07. I can get the bottom and tubes for a good price. Can I install them on a 2000 885I?
Will the 07 neck fit the 2000? Is there an advantage to doing this? I noticed the down tubes are larger. Also the risers are taller than the 2000.. I purchased the top triple tree for the ignition switch. Just thinking  :icon_scratch: :icon_scratch:


Almost certain they will fit, but what they do to the handling/geometry Im not sure, think the later forks have less travel and will steepen the head angle, which might be a good thing but not sure. Bottom yokes are all the same 99 to 07, only the top yoke as youve found is a bit different
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Chris Canning

If you trawl through this site all the complaints are about the mag wheel Tiger forks.

Will they fit? I'd be surprised if they didn't

Is there any advantage? They will certainly be stiffer but so are the earlier wire wheel 955's