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995i help needed

Started by ghulst, October 29, 2021, 11:25:12 AM

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Ok, I know this is not about a Girly, but I posted the question here, because of the fact that the 955i was offered in the Girly and this obviously is the place where the experts live. ;)

Anyway, I have been eyeing this project. It is a Speed Triple T595 with the 955i engine. They replaced the forks in the gearbox as they showed wear, but then the bike started making uncomfortable noises soon after. I am not familiar with this engine and so I turn to the wisdom of the board. There is a short video posted on YouTube where you can hear a rattle in the engine. It seems to rev along when they rev the engine. Which means that it is most probably something like a bearing or similar. If I listen to it, it could be all kinds of bearings and most spell a lot of work and possibly an engine out job. But I would love to hear your thoughts on this video:
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Just a guess but could it be the timing chain?
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In my opinion, everything really is possible... The bike is about two hours away from me, so I am not in a position to just walk by and start it and listen. In fact, I think the owner has not started it again since that movie... So that is why I am trying the Girly wisdom here, to see if anyone has had the same experience.
2008 Triumph Street Triple R | Ex Triumph Tiger 900 T400 1993, Tiger 800XC 2011


Really difficult to say from that without running it through the gears. Gearbox issues are pretty rare, although I'm not a 955 experienced. That looks like a genuine TOR carbon end can, which is probably quite rare. T595 was the Daytona variant, the Speedy was T509, there's not so many of them around so it could be a nice project  :new_popcornsmiley
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On the one hand, it could be a nice project, but as the seller is firm on the price and the bike currently looks even less good than in the video... I think I will pass on this one. He offered it for €1100 where I can buy a nice working one for €2000. If it's bearings that have gone wrong, that €900 difference will evaporate quickly enough.
2008 Triumph Street Triple R | Ex Triumph Tiger 900 T400 1993, Tiger 800XC 2011