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PreVIN 885i and TuneECU

Started by the slow heart, September 17, 2022, 11:44:39 AM

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the slow heart

That MIL light is glowing quite irritating and motivated me to try reading the ECU data.
I knew it would not be easy  :icon_study:  :icon_study:  :icon_study:

I bought the TuneECU from the developer's site with a standard license.
It installed cleanly the last version 5.6.25 on my Redmi Note 10 pro android phone ( android ver.12 ),
updated my licence and was granted all the required permissions.

Then I got the recommended Lonelec cable ( ) to gain full access over ECU data, as far as understood supported bikes list on TuneECU site this was the better option since Bluetooth OBD2 dongle would grant only diagnostic access.

When cable was connected to the phone, it glows on the power indicator and when I start the TuneECU program is asking for UART allowance, which is of course granted. Then message informes that connection is established, so I assume phone/program-to-cable part of the puzzle is solved.

Then I choose ECU type from program menu, SAGEM, since my ECM is MC2000 type, switch the ignition on, engine kill switch to run and ECU/connect from the program menu. A ECM not responding message appears in few secs advising me to switch off/on ignition again and check connections. Since I know the program is sensitive to the ECU voltage, the battery was backed up by a tender and voltmeter confirms it's voltage stays above 12.5V during the connection attempts. Did the fuses removal also, although having light switch and being sure lights are completely out of the equation. Having the connectivity issues before, I cleaned both the diagnostic and ECM connectors, with no success to connect.

Still keeping the hope on board,
might be someone here could help me get connected.


Any chance you have a Windows laptop?. I use the last TuneECU PC version (2.5.8) on my 800. It could possibly help in the short term

the slow heart

A friend promised to provide Windows XP laptop for testing,
but the PC version can't be obtained from developers web site anymore.

Can you zip it up for me, both program and required drivers/instructions, I would PM you my email address?


Yep, I have the last pc version, library, and the and the documentation.
I can zip it for you, just PM your email.

the slow heart

the slow heart

We've got some progress,

thanks to the help of our colegue London_Phil I've managed to connect the PC version to my bike    :notworthy 

So glad the connection lines are ok, and the ECU is responding.
Now I will get myself oriented among the menus.
Saw the errors stored in the ECU memory - fuel level sender unit, fuel pump and fuel pump relay, nothing serious, all probably due to the maintenance of the electrics I've done so far.

Tried reading the map onboard - program refuses with message "unknown map type". Map number is 9849 current ( and 8208 previous read from the maps history ), but I can't find this number in TuneECU site  archives.

the slow heart

All the tests went fine and errors were cleared.

TuneECU developer informed me that these were old obsolete maps not recognised by the program, so I could proceed overwriting ECU memory with standard map ( 9891, 9892 or 9893 ) without saving them.

Still can't keep the Android version connected.

the slow heart

I used the Windows app to install 9891 map as standard recommended for the model. All went well.
And then Android app also connected perfectly to the ECU.

My opinion is that problem was the Android version also detected the obsolete map,
and dropped the connection after couple timeouts, without popping out proper message like the Windows version did.

Bike sounds fine and runs fine  :*

Only fuel level sensor malfunctions from time to time. Actually while working it also does not show precisely the fuel amount.
And I used to zero the trip meter after topping up the tank. It would be tiny winter job  :augie


 :wings  Result.

Have a close look at the connections on the base of the level sensor, they often get stressed with tank removals. If that is the case, it's possible to dig out the potting and re-solder in some stronger cable, then fill with new potting or epoxy if your confident  :augie

I used to have long hair, took acid and went to hip joints. Now I long for hair, take antacid and need a new hip joint

the slow heart

Thank you!

Have to check the sensor exterior.
Actually while the tank was suspended in the backyard for painting, my puppy dog has chewed a bit the pending cable and connector  :cp


Reading this sounds like you have had similar issues with Tune ECU. I have the 9880 map and it cannot pull it. Will try the 9892 map asap.
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the slow heart

Yes, since I got the map update all tests, mapping and sensors data are available. Had ambient air sensor drifting a bit ( apart from the iacv hose leaks ) and now oem one came into play  :friday