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Time to say goodbye

Started by Tiger-G, October 23, 2023, 04:09:20 PM

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Hi All,

My time has's time to say goodbye to the forum  :icon_sad:

Having had only Tigers' since their modern resurrection in 1993 with two 900's, an 885, and a 955, I enjoyed owning all of them....they were great bikes  :love10

However, having sold my 955 a few years ago now, my chances of owning another Tiger (with the ridiculous prices of modern bikes) is nonexistent. And more importantly.....having reached fire service retirement age, without having a serious crash after 35 years of riding all over the UK Scandinavia and Europe, I don't want to risk it now I can finally chill out in life. I've seen too many experienced mates bite the dust, and almost come a cropper myself too many times !!  :icon_eek:

It's been great being part of this forum, with it's wealth and depth of knowledge. The things I've managed to fix and modify on my bike due to other peoples' efforts on here is astonishing !! And, along the way, I'd like to think I've made my own contribution....especially with helping to solve the 955 head buffeting issue  ;)

I'll still pop in every now and again to see what you are all up to, but there's nothing for me to contribute any more. And it's great to see that the forum is still in safe hands  :icon_salut:

Stay safe everyone, it's been a pleasure knowing you all  :wave


Safe Riding.



Sorry to hear you are giving up riding but when the time is right its right thing to do and you have had a good run at 35 years!

All the best for the future and enjoy your retirement.
Best Regards,

05 Tiger Lucifer Orange (resting) 07 GSX-R1000TT K7 71 Triumph T25T 17 Tiger 1050 Sport


1996 Granite black Steamer, ahead of 40 odd others owned
Regards Russ
An ounce of luck is worth a ton of experience!

Nick Calne

Is it really an adventure bike if its wheels never see dirt?


Safe Riding.