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Started by BeerBarty, March 01, 2024, 12:10:34 AM

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A bit of of an odd one, bought the bike 2001 955 about 3 month ago I've been slowly working through checking service checks oil, forks etc. Been out for a ride, thought the wheels etc were looking very grubby so stopped to give a gentle pressure wash. Came to leave garage forecourt and engine died like fuel starvation had to borrow trailer to recover.
Came to this forum which I must admit has an amazing amount of help and advice, so thanks to all. Tried all the obvious ones water in electrics, faulty earths etc. I even picked up on the drain tube from the fuel tank filler and yes it was blocked this has now been sorted.
I had noted in the few times I fueled the big there was a bit of water that got into the tank but considered it not enough to worry about.(What I should have considered was how long this had been going on!)
As previously mentioned when the bike stopped it felt like loss of fuel, so I decided to siphon drain the tank. I removed about 10 liters of FLUID, this was definitely NOT all fuel as there were 2 VERY distinct layers in the container water and fuel.
Out of curiosity I then siphoned of most of the water at the bottom of the container app 2 liters.
This leaves me with a question, considering where the fuel pump and filter is located and the volume of water how had it been working at all.
Good news is clean tank and filter with fresh fuel I now have my bike working happy again, and looking forward to many more miles.


There should be some drains around the fuel cap area so water will not pool, and are usually attached underneath the tank to rubber pipes that likely drain around the back of the engine/suspension. If they are blocked or kinked, water can collect and enter the tank. Worth a chack?