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24k Service done

Started by TX_Grubby, March 17, 2024, 04:15:15 PM

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Received a call from Eurosport Cycle in DFW that my 955i Tgr was finally done. I go to pick her up this week and am so excited as the weather (for the most part) has had me yearning to ride.
I will get the breakdown of all that had to be done - one item they were waiting for was some shims. The downside was the cost - $2108 for the service - almost the cost of the bike itself. :^_^
Oh well. At least I will be riding again.




And the bike should feel great now. :)  :wheel

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The previous owner of my bike paid £1,500 for his 24,000 mile service including a new front tyre, nearly half of which was labour.
2005 Tiger 955i
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Dealer services are no joke, £1.2k for a 24k service on a 1050 sport!
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Had a great ride today. Noticing that the seat may have some hidden ROCKS in it though. Got home and luckily, the hot tube was ready to go!