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General Discussions / Re: Oregon/Washington State me...
Last post by Janelle - May 16, 2024, 02:41:37 PM
Washington State is home to 10 members in the United States House of Representatives, each representing a congressional district. As of my last update, the current members are Suzan DelBene, Rick Larsen, Jaime Herrera Beutler, Pramila Jayapal, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Derek Kilmer, Adam Smith, Kim Schrier, Marilyn Strickland, and Dan Newhouse. They collectively advocate for their constituents on a range of issues, reflecting the diverse interests and concerns of Washingtonians at the federal level. For those seeking affordability, exploring the cheapest places to live in Washington State can provide valuable options for housing and cost of living considerations.
Steamers (1993-1998 Tigers) / Re: Steamer with bad habbits
Last post by Titus - May 16, 2024, 01:54:01 PM
Clock is here !!! Very happy with my purchase, thank you Phill for giving me courage!
All I had to do is change the bulb, works like a charm, lucky I had spare little bulbs from the w124 ✌️
Question, is the clock always powered? On my Vfr it came on with ignition but had a little battery, this one doesn't so I guess it always on, just asking
Steamers (1993-1998 Tigers) / Re: Steamer with bad habbits
Last post by Titus - May 16, 2024, 10:27:21 AM
Very ambitious of them, went 160 kph max, felt very unsafe, maybe it's from a Daytona, p.o. did some weird stuff to it now it's my job to restore it to factory condition.
Also got some bags from Louis which are easy to instal just remove the seat and hang them there.
Don't need them around town and to work, will only use them when we go about and need some clothes.
Jeez! You'd have to hang on tight at 320 kph!!
Mine maxes out at 220 kph.  Looks like yours is off a Daytona?
Steamers (1993-1998 Tigers) / Re: Steamer with bad habbits
Last post by Titus - May 15, 2024, 11:48:16 PM
Previous owner drilled a big hole in the left fairing, fitted a nice voltmeter and usb charger hooked up to a open connector in the wiring loom which has 12v switched.
By tomorrow I should have the clock and she will be complete.
Is the 320 kph speedo normal? Or maybe it's borrowed from a sprint or other triumph? Mine was made for the german market.
Tiger 800's (2010 - 2020 Tigers) / Re: Talyn's Diary
Last post by Lee337 - May 15, 2024, 07:11:04 PM
Been at it again. Just as I get Tallulah back on the road even though she's for sale, I've briefly taken Talyn J off the road. Not for long though, just long enough to tidy up the spaghetti that is the mass of wires under the seat.

There's no problem other than its untidy.

Currently  I have after market Givi spot lights, Innovv dash cams and my Garmin satnav all connected directly to the battery, 2 of which stay on when the ignition is switched off. And many meters of wiring.

So, I bought myself an Innovv power hub. The idea being the hub connects to the battery and all the extra bits connect to the hub. It's all fused & the hub will power up 8 seconds after the ignition is switched on & will power down  8 seconds after switch off.

So far, so good, in theory.

In to the garage I go & remove the seat and as the dash cam box is connected to the rear light, the luggage rack had to be removed as well.

Then disconnect dashcam, garmin & Givi lights, move all wires aside after removing all the cable ties and insulating tape.

Going well.

Connecting up the hub was easy, +ve to battery terminal, -ve to battery terminal and funny yellow wire to a switched live. I used the connector I installed for the dash cam  from the rear light. Switch ignition on and nothing went BANG. A little blue led came on 8 seconds after I switched the ignition on. Switch it off and 8 seconds later, the little blue led went off, just as it should.

Now there are 5 +ve wires to connect to all the extra bits & 1 -ve wire for the earth connectors. You are supposed to connect all the accessory earth's to the one -ve going in to the power hub  but having done a bit of research, most people connect the -ve to the bike frame & put ring connectors on the earth's for the accessories. I decide to do the same.

First to connect up was the Garmin followed by the dash cam & lastly the Givi lights. I'm not tidying up the wires just yet, but connecting everything up first. Once everything works  I'll tidy up the wires, although I have shortened the wires o  the accessories as I'm connecting them.

All going well, this really is a doddle. While not plug n play, all the connectors are included with the power hub.

Right, switch the ignition on and 8 seconds later the sat nav switches itself on & promptly BLASTS Metallica our of the quite tinny but loud speakers about 30cm from left ear. Once my heart had started beating to a more regular rhythm, I remembered it automatically connects to my phone & un paused the last track I was playing. Still the sat nav works, so too, does the dash cam.

The Givi lights didn't
Other Triples / Re: 2008 Street Triple R
Last post by Lee337 - May 15, 2024, 06:33:31 PM
That looks better.

Hope you're enjoying the new ride.
Bikes for Sale / Re: Tallulah Tiger (955i)
Last post by ghulst - May 15, 2024, 01:03:22 PM
So you have done more work to it and charge less. I need to have you as my mechanic! ;)

Good luck on the sale!
Other Triples / Re: 2008 Street Triple R
Last post by ghulst - May 15, 2024, 01:01:14 PM

Somewhere in March, I discovered that one of the front indicators had broken and had been fixed with a tie wrap. I hadn't seen that when buying the bike, so the black on black worked well enough to fool me. ;) And it has stayed on for a while. However, on my way back home from the office yesterday, the right side indicator was happily blowing in the wind instead of staying on. I had already bought a replacement set, so this morning I took half an hour out of my schedule to put a new set on. They are not cheap and not easy to put on (as they do come with wiring, but you basically need to pull that off and put the old wiring in the light as it is otherwise not compatible). But look at the change. I obviously did both sides, as that makes the whole bike look a lot better. ;)
General Discussions / Re: BBC in Mustangs Back yard?
Last post by Janelle - May 15, 2024, 09:49:39 AM
You're referring to the BBC's "Autumnwatch" series relocating to New Hampshire and possibly featuring locations near Squam Lake. While I can't confirm specific details about the show airing tonight, it's interesting to see it highlighting nature in different regions. Squam Lake and its surroundings are known for their natural beauty, so it would make sense for the show to explore that area. If you're a fan of nature documentaries, it might be worth tuning in to see what they showcase!