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Good information. Too bad it can't rotate through the space.  I think I remember that space measuring only about 1/2-3/4in (12.5-19mm).  Be nice to rotate for block inspection instead of removing the sprocket cover every time. I may need to invest in a cheap inspection camera for my phone or re-think the design.
Hold the presses!
The block worked great, but it needs some re-engineering from me. When I heated it to help it conform to the bracket, the hole that I drilled for the brass screw was thinned to the point that the screw popped through the block of plastic and the only thing holding it on was the front edge.
When I took it off, I discovered that you must remove it counterclockwise, as the curved part will not pass through the space with the sprocket cover installed. This means that the screw and nut are also too bulky to get through the space, even counterclockwise.
I am thinking about drilling and tapping the top strap of the bracket and using flatheaded countersunk screws to hold the plastic block in place, which could be mounted after inserting the bracket back around the frame tube so as to allow it to fit without removing the sprocket cover. Pop rivets might also do the job, but screws would make block replacement easier in the future.
I'm heading on vacation for a week, but when I return I will get it worked out and post up exactly what I did.
Girly Talk (1999 - 2006 Tigers) / MELTED PISTON
Last post by TristanT - September 22, 2023, 12:18:11 AM
I picked up a nice clean 2006 955i in blue with full factory luggage that needed the head gasket replaced.  No big deal, right?  Well after digging into it I found one of the pistons is melted a bit.  Not going to run well like this and now a much bigger deal than the head gasket.  Seems that the pistons aren't even available anymore.  Now I am left with the choice of finding another engine, finding an Ebay piston tearing this one down and rebuilding, or parting the bike out.  The cost of the gasket set alone is making the rebuild less favorable.  I see some engines on Ebay, but they are pricey.  What engines will even fit? Does it have to be another 955i?
 One from a Daytona?  Would the 1050 fit?  It seems like I read somewhere that the 2006 had the 1050 cases?  Looking at all options at this point.  Does anyone know of a wrecked bike with a good engine or have one laying around?  ;) 
Steamers (1993-1998 Tigers) / Re: Chain rubbing block ideas ...
Last post by gcloys - September 20, 2023, 10:59:16 PM
Fantastic!  I rcvd my hinged brackets yesterday and will put them on at next oil change or when mine starts to rub through.  Glad you were able to cut it off without sparks flying! 
Steamers (1993-1998 Tigers) / Re: Chain rubbing block ideas ...
Last post by ssevy - September 20, 2023, 12:49:14 PM
I used my Milwaukee 12 volt oscillating multi tool with a new blade to remove the weld and broken bracket, and it cut through it nice and evenly, leaving just a little smoothing to be done, easily accomplished with a cordless Dremel with a flapper wheel attachment.
It easily mounted by inserting from the back and spinning around into position. The bracket did require the thinnest spacer (the pair of brackets come with three thicknesses in the box).
I am going to take it for a long test ride today, and see how it works. If it is successful, I'll post up more photos and details to share.
Thanks for all of the info you have provided gcloys!
General Discussions / Re: Checking in
Last post by Nick Calne - September 19, 2023, 09:45:40 AM
And we comply with ULEZ Phil. :nod
Steamers (1993-1998 Tigers) / Re: Chain rubbing block ideas ...
Last post by gcloys - September 18, 2023, 01:48:33 PM
Got 'em Thanks
Steamers (1993-1998 Tigers) / Re: Chain rubbing block ideas ...
Last post by gcloys - September 18, 2023, 01:39:27 AM
Here some pictures of the bracket mounting location
Steamers (1993-1998 Tigers) / Re: Chain rubbing block ideas ...
Last post by gcloys - September 18, 2023, 01:10:45 AM
 :>< Looks good!  I need that bracket, can you post a link? I've found some but just want to make sure I'm not missing something.  Just rechecked mine after 1200 miles and all is well.
  As for the broken bracket remnants I just used an angle grinder to smooth the surface.  It does throw sparks, but it shouldn't cause any problems.  You could shield the area with a wet towel if you're worried.  As long as your well-ventilated you probably won't explode!
  I have a bunch of pictures from my research showing where the original bracket was located.  From what I gleaned (from Mustang R.I.P.) the only (main) reason the rubbing block is there is to keep the chain from eating the frame mount.  I think our solutions are much better in the long run, and much more user friendly.  The original bracket is almost an afterthought in its design and is bound to snap off again.  Others have mounted urethane coated bearings or wheels etc like used on the DR650.