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955i skid plate and screens

Started by jch, May 26, 2015, 06:18:25 PM

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Almost impossible to find tiger skid plate
Made from 304 stainless steel
Info on fabrication,10455.0.html
$250 plus actual shipping

MRA vario screen
Stops buffeting
Excellent condition
New $189 plus shipping
$100 plus actual shipping

Cee Bailys tall screen
Excellent condition
$70 shipped


Dyn Blin

Interested in the plate. Curious if it's still available and if it's known if it will fit with stock center-stand?
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John Stenhouse

Given that it isn't a commercially made plate I would think you can mount it how you like. The shop bought ones rear fixing was the footrest brackets which are also the fixing for the centre stand, that's where the problem arose
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Norton 961S never got it, tired of waiting


It will work with center stand.  PM sent.

Dyn Blin

I meant to post this before I departed, 'been on the road for a bit. 

Jim and his brother have some quality kit for sale- with a couple other projects absorbing the farkle budget, timing didn't allow me to pull the trigger, but  based on images exchanged, it looks strong,  offers a better fitment for stock center stand, & at a much better value than what Touratech or SWMotech previously stocked.
This is why we can't have nice things.


MRA screen sold, cee baily still for sale 



Cee Baily was sold and shipped.  Then USPS lost it in the mail for 3 weeks before it was returned to me.  Buyer bought something else in the meantime so Cee Baily is back for sale. 


Is the skid plate still available?
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mine is sold but my brother may still have the exact same one for sale.  I will check with him.


Quote from: jch on November 12, 2015, 06:10:56 PM
mine is sold but my brother may still have the exact same one for sale.  I will check with him.

Did you ever check with your brother on his plate?


Hey there.  Interested in the cee bailey.

Could we come up wits something to ship to Ireland? ?