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Girly picture thread - Show us your T's

Started by pizzaman383, August 04, 2007, 11:23:17 PM

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Some days it can be tricky to choose - two utterly different rides. :D
The Obo Scribe mutters at


13 Tiger in Beautiful Sapphire Blue
"Tigers aren't for wimps"


I found this picture ages ago, when I was just thinking about getting a Tiger. I think it was an ad of someone selling it.
Anyway, I think it is gorgeous, may even do it to mine also. Just wanted to share here.
 Looks white, but I think that's just picture saturation.

Tiger 2004



Quote from: "brad1098"How's that song go"Somthin, Somthin, Northern Michigan" Kid Rock. Anyway heres Lorna at an interesting spot near Leland, MI.  For all you Southern riders, N. Michigan IS the place to ride in the summer.  A great trip from Bay City to Torch River to Traverse City to Lelanaw to Sleeping Bear Dunes.  This picture was taken about the furthest I have riden from home, about 750mi. one way.

Where, in SoIl, are you?


Gear up!


\'06 Tiger, \'99 DR350


Taken at Nant Gwrtheyrn, North Wales 9/8 on a group rideout, few bit and bobs added.
Tiger 1200 XRt in red, the best colour


Time to post one.....

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My tiger in Vanderhoof BC, Watson Lake Yukon, Custer State Park, Stewart Highway British Columbia,
06 Tiger 955i Caspian Blue


Hi All,

Just wanted to share a few pics of my ride last Monday. It was also a holiday here and a beautiful spring day.

Tiger 2004


Here's one at the "The Snake" in Shady Valley, TN


My nearly basic Tiger. MRA-Vario Shield and Hepco & Becker Crash Bars.
Even cows s... smells different on dirt roads...

2005 Tiger 955i


Most of the bikes seem to be with original colours. Are there any "specials" around here? Spotted one nice Tiger scheme from pictures taken in Tridays 2009 in Austria. So, the paint mods please, to give me some ideas during long and dark winter days here in up North ;o)
Even cows s... smells different on dirt roads...

2005 Tiger 955i


Leaving Johnstown PA en-route to the Central ADV rally in September.

Yukon should recognize where this is...  


Quote from: "gazoo"Yukon should recognize where this is...  

Hawes Pike (Route 56) west of Johnstown!  Natural surroundings for the silver Girly.  Great shot of the Gap.


The only known picture of me on my Tiger...

Taken at the latest Missouri Polar Beer ride-in...

There\'s no place like

2007 1050 Tiger, Jet Black
SOLD - 2005 955i Tiger, Lucifer Orange - SOLD