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Girly picture thread - Show us your T's

Started by pizzaman383, August 04, 2007, 11:23:17 PM

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Red Rocks Park - Just West of Denver, CO


Probably the last ride in 09 for me as it supposed snow and rain the next couple of days.

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LOL!  That Beemer makes the Tigers look pretty sharp!  :ImaPoser
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Trondheim, Norway, August 2008
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Well, I've owned several bikes over the years, including CBR 600, and my last bike, Aprillia Pegaso 650, but never really felt happy with it. Although it sounded great, it was so uncomfortable over any distance. Plus the wind buffetting was awefull. Tried a mates Tiger and was so impressed. It suits my style of riding now, I've done the sports bike thing, and being a tall rider, found the Tiger suited me.

I could finally afford to get one, and picked it up this weekend. What a great bike, so easy to ride, good suspension, good performance, and I think they look good.

Last year we did a ride down to the central region of France, Limoge. This year a couple of mates and I are planning a ride down the west coast of France to the Pyrenees, and back. It was this that made my mind up to go for the Tiger.

At the moment I just cant stop sneaking off to the Garage to look at it, and plug in the Optimate! Is that sad ?

Bixxer Bob

No not sad, and it gets better the more you ride it.

Nice looking bike.  Don't miss the UK Tiger meet at Chesterfield 11 July if you can make it.

Keep an eye on this thread:,6941

Oh, and welcome by the way...  :lol:
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Here she is in all her blueness ready for the long haul last April...

Photo Journal of my 2009 Texas Trip Being Written Here ... 48daf95d7c


Sad but as Dennis Hopper says "It's a beautiful thing Man"  8)

You're getting quite a collection in the East there Bob  :D
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photos taken at Mumbles, on a damp sunday

mine & my bros machines


Not much action in this thread lately.  Thought I would add another taken a couple of weeks ago.


Ready To Go...

Morning 1 - A State Park in PA

Day 3 - This caused a few looks...

Day 4 - A mild bugging from an allnighter

Days are meaningless - Oh what a place Big Bend NP is...

Stripped down for runs around the Park. Note the water jug on the back! And the helmet in the shade, thank you very much!!

It was miles of this chalky dusty crunchy road to get to this particular State camp site in Texas...

The wheel IS silver under there.. honest... amazing what a few weeks on the road can do to the spit and polish... ( cough)

Packing to go home...

Ready to roll... again...

Dessert Moonset/Sunrise... it was quite a morning.. full moon setting on one side and Sun rising on the other...

...thanks for indulging me.. there are some great pics other from the trip, but no Tiger in them...:)

Photo Journal of my 2009 Texas Trip Being Written Here ... 48daf95d7c


The Tigers before thier bath.  Too dark to take clean pics :)

There\'s no place like

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Quote from: "Yukon"Not much action in this thread lately.  Thought I would add another taken a couple of weeks ago.

Damn, Jack - making me homesick!  :-)