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Watch the Fisher House Video:

Ok folks here is the deal,    Once a year I ask for you to consider a donation to Fisher house.   I will be riding a SS1000, a thousand miles in 24 hrs to raise awareness and Donations for Fisher house.

  You can donate online,  Mail me a check to Fisher house, or money order.  
click here to donate online

If you are not familiar with Fisher house, I will be happy to answer questions,  but  will answer most,

The Bottom line, when wounded US military need help for thier family while they recover Fisher house is there.  ( Like a Ronald Mcdonald House for Wounded Soldiers and thier families)

If you cannot give,  please send an email to someone who can..  

If you would rather mail me a check, I can do that too,  just make it out to Fisher house and PM me for more detals

Its tax deductable,  and 100% of what I raise goes to Fisher house.
I pay my own way.
 ( there is  form on the website for tax stuff)

   Please keep this thread for Donation questions or general questions, comments about Fisher House etc.  I have a seperate thread for the ride and other details. concernignthe bike etc.

This is a very personal charity for me,  Please consider making a donation, or passing the word to as many as you think will.

Imagine you are a wounded Warrior, and your family is far away inanother state from the hospital your recieving treatment at, think of how much it would mean to you for them to be at your side, and for you to not worry about how to pay for it.  

I also would like very much if someone has a special item they would Like for me to carry on my trip.   you can be anyonomous if you wish.

But I would feel privalaged  to personally honor a loved one or friend by carrying a personal item for them to Tulsa on my trip.  I know I will transport a US Flag that I have carried for almost 19 years, and in more countries then I could remember.

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wow, times are tough, I got responses from this...

  Please if you can't afford to donate thats ok,  but spread the word..also Fisher house is non partisan,  one of the best way to support the military I think.

100% of donations go to Fisher house...  I pay my own way...

I even have a picture of me on my Tiger on the weblink...

100% legit,   Posted it on My Rocket website as well

Also did it last year

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Come on Tiger Riders, looks like the gang on Rockets is blowing us away!!

Ride on Regulator!

pmt sent   :-)
Trying to reason with hurricane season.........

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Hey thanks!!

   Liek I keep sayign any small amount helps,  I know a lot of folks are broke,  but thats ok,  its also tax deductable for your 2009 taxes, download the forms on the website.

and if you cannot donate,  on the webpage there is a spot where you can pull up and email it to a bunch of other people..  that might yield some results...

or heck print it out and take to a local dealer or something..

   More then one way to help, you can also find a local base nearby and volunteer your time at a fisher house, or donate your airline miles etc to fisher house directly..

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Posted: Sat Mar 07, 2009 1:21 pm    Post subject:      

I just recieved a check in the mail

from The Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post 2734 , Maysville Kentucky,

WOW, I will be posting some detailed information on this on the website soon.. This is the VFW I always go and visit when I go home, they have been sending me cookies and stuff for years..

HUGE Thanks!!!
go to ... /regulator

Info on Fisher House here:


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